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October 12, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.


After breakfast we assembled to go on Ride The Ducks, so we were surprised when Jay Osmond came in to meet everyone.
He chatted to us and went around tables signing books. Jay said he is writing a new book with 366 thoughts for each day.


Jason is working in insurance, Eric has recovered from his jaw operation and is putting his mission papers in. Marcus is crazy !
Jay has been living with Jimmy since his divorce, which he said was amicable.


Jay had read our blog and was pleased we had met other members of the family, and we had visited Mothers cabin in Idaho. Jay said all theatres do shows that are 2 hours long, but some do it without an interval.


After the excitement of Jay's visit, it was off on our Duck, complete with duck quackers. We went across Table Rock Dam and lake, and spashed into the lake in our amphibious vehicle.


A few of our group drove the duck, while on the lake, where we also saw the Branson Belle paddle steamer. Along the route there were lots of ex Army vehicles including an Army ambulance seen in TV programme MASH.


Lunch was at the Steak and Catfish House, home of the Tossed Rolls, where they throw warm bread rolls at you from a basket.
Babbette Young, who performed 18 years with the Osmonds on stage in Branson, still owns this restaurant and the wall with Osmond handprints from 1992 is now outside it.


Andy Williams is still ill and other artists in town are covransonering for him at his theatre.
The original Osmond Theatre in Branson is now the Clay Cooper Theatre and has been remodelled outside quite a bit with new canopy and entrance.


Some of our group went to have Old Time Photos taken, where they dressed up in period costumes, then it was time to get ready for our 2nd Brothers show.



Row D in the Caravelle Theatre is the front row, and our group took up all the front row.
Before the show starts there is a trivia quiz covering all the Osmond Family which is shown on the screens at either side of theatre.


As the Brothers did 'Love me For A Reason', our group stood up and did the hand movements along with them. Jimmy was both suprised and touched by this.
The Thomas Brothers and The Tinocos, Joe, wife Tamra and 6 yr old daughter Talya, do some of the Rockin Rollin 50's songs. Jay is on stage playing the conga drums during 'Who Loves Ya'.


In 2nd half Jay and Jim start off singing Yo Yo, complete with video, and they look around saying 'where's Wayne', then Wayne comes on stage with a white jumpsuit on, with blue decorations on it, it also has a cape at the back, like their 70's outfits.


Jimmy does a lovely version of 'Rainin'. In 2nd half when Wayne was telling jokes, we requested he do his Rindecella (Cinderella) story, where he mixes up the words, and he did it for us.


They close the show with 'He Aint Heavy', and of course we gave them a standing ovation.



After the show as we were in the lobby, Jay came out to get one of his books, then Jimmy joined him. They both had changed into their favourite Hawaiian style short sleeved shirts. This was a great opportunity to have pics with them both, and more autographs.


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