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October 15, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Donny was compere at Danny Gans Memorial Run in Vegas today, His son Joshua was with him at the park, it started at 7am so we didn’t get up for it, but saw a clip on news later.

Another Donny & Marie show today, Tonight I was up against stage but on table next to VIP one.

Tania Batchelor from Scotland got Donny stick tonight, as she was sat near to Denise on table on other side of theatre. Denise told her when to run up and Donny kept backing away from her on the stage, to tease her, but she got it.

During Donny's dance number, he goes up to people in audience. He came up to me, and gave me a 'high 5' twice, to which I responded, then he gave me a thumbs up afterwards. He also runs down on tables shaking people’s hands, Denise got a handshake. Donny dropped ‘Whenever You’re In Trouble’ from the show tonight.

We watched the Meet and Greet after show, where Tania and her friend Marie King met both Donny and Marie and got photos. Tania got a picture with Donny and the photo stick. Marie's daughter Rachel and Donny's son Joshua were in area.

Well that’s it from my reports now, we had a great tour!


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October 14, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Wendy stayed on an extra day in Branson, but everyone else left for Springfield Airport at various times. Saw Jay briefly at breakfast. It was a 40 mile trip up to Springfield through limestone cliffs with pretty autumn/fall colours in the heavily wooded areas.


Our driver told us that 2012 is Andy Williams 70th Anniversary in show business, he is 84 now, and he will be doing special shows with guest stars he has performed with over the years, which is bound to include The Osmonds.

Springfield Airport has modernised quite a bit since I had been there last. Denise and I flew to Las Vegas to see 2 more Donny and Marie shows.

I was sat on VIP table right up against stage as they do not do Meet and Greets after show on Friday night now. Denise was in a booth near middle of theatre.
Marie's ‘King & I’ skirt now descends from above her, she hooks it on herself. In July shows, she stepped into it while it was on stage.
Her hair was straight, not curly as usual. She has a new dress to sing ‘Pie Jesu’, its full length, in cream , light brown, shimmering, with green emerald look on bodice, very nice, she sings song from middle of stage now, not up on platform at back of stage.

When Donny and Marie do duets, There was a girl, etc, Marie now wears a white blouse, with gold sparkly short jacket and gold necklaces. Donny wears gold handerchief in his jacket pocket.

I had got my Donny Photo stick in Vegas show before tour started, so it was Denise's turn now. After he did ‘YoYo’ with male dancers he holds up the photo stick, and says, 'Who wants this?, Of course lots of girls just put up their hands, but I had told Denise to run straight up steps onto stage. As Denise ran up another girl did, as well. They both reached Donny at same time. He decided to give it to Denise, Donny gave other girl a hug and she got down off stage. Donny asked where she was from and Denise said Uk, then he said, where in Uk, she said, Preston, he said, I’ve been there. Denise said she had just seen The Brothers in Branson. Donny signed the back of stick to Denise, and helped her off stage.

There was a crowd at show from Glasgow, When Donny did ‘Whenever Your in Trouble’, he mentioned Scotland.

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October 14, 2011

Report by Jenny Vliers

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.

Our flight back got cancelled today so Mario and I are stranded at the Hilton in Springfield. Maybe a blessing as sleep was not on our schedule and we now have some time to do some catching up on that!





We want to take the opportunity to thank all involved in making this tour an unforgettable experience for all of us, especially THE OSMOND FAMILY without whom we could not have done this. Thank you so much for making us feel very welcome and for showing us how much you love your ‘friends’. We all feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing family!

Also a thank you to our group. The many friendships that came to fruitation on this tour proves once again that the extended Osmond family has no boundaries.

Until next time!

More photos, videos and feedback will appear once we all get home and have chance to post pictures. However it will not be on this blog. It is easy to use while travelling but it is also very limited so the updated OMT2011 blog will be on the homepage of www.merrillosmond.eu

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October 13, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.

At breakfast in our hotel a woman came in from the Hughes Theatre advertising their show, the previous day a man dressed as a cowboy complete with hat had come in and played his guitar as we ate breakfast. He was advertising 'A tribute to Marty Robbins' show.

Lovely sunny breezy day so we had a free day to go shopping. There are many shopping malls in Branson and a Kringles Christmas shop with lovely Christmas decorations, which they sell all year round.

In tonight’s show Jimmy announced that they would not be in Branson next year, but they had lots of other things planned.
In the audience was lots of people who had worked at The Osmond’s original theatre in Branson 19 years ago. Jimmy thanked them for their help, 4 million people had seen them there.



Our group were in front row again, got up and did hand movements for LMFAR. Jimmy joked afterwards that they had put shockers in our seats, we all got up so fast!


First half of show ends with Stars and Stripes and Eagles Fly, with video footage, they salute veterans in audience.
In interval we had a group photo with The Osmond Brothers.

Kathy was in audience and got photos with her. She said she had enjoyed reading our blog, and remembered me from Busch Gardens in February. She said she and Wayne had not gone to Olives cabin in Idaho yet, but hoped to go there.


When they did the birthdays/anniversaries spot, Jimmy mentioned it was Marie's birthday today, (29 again of course) someone started singing Happy Birthday to her. Jimmy joked, she's not here, she cant hear you.


They dropped ‘Rainin’ and did ‘The Proud One’ on our request tonight. After ‘Through The Years’ Wayne hugged Jimmy and said emotionally that they were the only two left handers in the family. Wayne had been first one in family to hold Jimmy when Mother Osmond brought him home from Hospital.


Walked back to our hotel for our farewell party. Drinks and lots of potato chips/crisps were out for us. Gene, Steve, Scott, The Tinocos and The Thomas Brothers came back to say hello to everyone.



Then Jay came in eating an ice cream, which he soon finished off and started eating the crisps. He said Merrill will leave the group after UK tour next year and do his own thing. Jay said he wont retire yet and will give it a few more years.
Jimmy plans to do his Jukebox show in USA and Europe with Jay and Wayne supporting him. We said we would love to see Jay and Wayne in a Pantomime, Jay thought Wayne would love that.


Jay was asked if he had been dating, he said he had been on 3 dates so far. It felt really awkward after so many years of marriage.

Jay thought that the Osmond suits in the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe might have been ones made for them but never worn as they were open to the waist and they would not have been wearing those in 1975 when Alan, Wayne and Merrill were married. Jay made a note of it and planned to visit to check them out when they are in Vegas at end October. The Thomas Brothers will be at The Orleans with them.

The jumpsuit Wayne wears in show is not an original, but was made specially for him recently.

I asked Jay if promoter had suggested a 50 date tour in UK or they had asked for it. He said suggestions went back and fore, they agreed to 50 dates, thought it would be ok, better on a tour bus than flying. The Dropouts, Gene, Steve and Scott will be the support band, they had discussed whether to have a British act. We said we would have liked Jared, Nathan or David Osmond to support them to keep it in the family.

Jay left, after signing more autographs, he held up the CD cover with Wayne, Jay and Jim with stage and lights behind them and said it was taken on the very last night in Blackpool by Sophia, it hadn’t been planned, but came out really nice so they used it as a CD cover.

Jimmy joined us. He asked where we were flying from and everyone was going via Springfeld. Jim said he goes home at weekend now as flights go from Branson airport direct into Provo. He tries to get home often as he will be away from his family during Nov/Dec when he is in UK for Panto.



Jimmy said after the UK tour they will go on a Mediterranean cruise as a family holiday, he hadn’t heard of cruise line, but they would be visiting Spain and Athens. I asked Jim if he had started learning his lines for Alladin yet, he had the script, and was playing the part of Wishy Washy, but hadn’t learnt lines yet, It was a big part, so would be tough learning it all. He was comfortable with Cinderella in Hastings as it was familiar to him.

Marieke gave Jenny and Mario cards and presents from everyone on the tour and we said our farewells.

Each Osmond we had met, Jenny and Mario had given them presents of small ceramic Dutch clogs, Belgian chocolates, Osmond Mystery Tour phone sock, Merrill Osmond keychain and other items.

Apologies if there are spelling or grammatical mistakes in blog. We have been updating it at all times of the day and night, in hotel rooms, lobbies and even airport departure lounges, thank goodness for free WiFi everywhere here.

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October 12, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.


After breakfast we assembled to go on Ride The Ducks, so we were surprised when Jay Osmond came in to meet everyone.
He chatted to us and went around tables signing books. Jay said he is writing a new book with 366 thoughts for each day.


Jason is working in insurance, Eric has recovered from his jaw operation and is putting his mission papers in. Marcus is crazy !
Jay has been living with Jimmy since his divorce, which he said was amicable.


Jay had read our blog and was pleased we had met other members of the family, and we had visited Mothers cabin in Idaho. Jay said all theatres do shows that are 2 hours long, but some do it without an interval.


After the excitement of Jay's visit, it was off on our Duck, complete with duck quackers. We went across Table Rock Dam and lake, and spashed into the lake in our amphibious vehicle.


A few of our group drove the duck, while on the lake, where we also saw the Branson Belle paddle steamer. Along the route there were lots of ex Army vehicles including an Army ambulance seen in TV programme MASH.


Lunch was at the Steak and Catfish House, home of the Tossed Rolls, where they throw warm bread rolls at you from a basket.
Babbette Young, who performed 18 years with the Osmonds on stage in Branson, still owns this restaurant and the wall with Osmond handprints from 1992 is now outside it.


Andy Williams is still ill and other artists in town are covransonering for him at his theatre.
The original Osmond Theatre in Branson is now the Clay Cooper Theatre and has been remodelled outside quite a bit with new canopy and entrance.


Some of our group went to have Old Time Photos taken, where they dressed up in period costumes, then it was time to get ready for our 2nd Brothers show.



Row D in the Caravelle Theatre is the front row, and our group took up all the front row.
Before the show starts there is a trivia quiz covering all the Osmond Family which is shown on the screens at either side of theatre.


As the Brothers did 'Love me For A Reason', our group stood up and did the hand movements along with them. Jimmy was both suprised and touched by this.
The Thomas Brothers and The Tinocos, Joe, wife Tamra and 6 yr old daughter Talya, do some of the Rockin Rollin 50's songs. Jay is on stage playing the conga drums during 'Who Loves Ya'.


In 2nd half Jay and Jim start off singing Yo Yo, complete with video, and they look around saying 'where's Wayne', then Wayne comes on stage with a white jumpsuit on, with blue decorations on it, it also has a cape at the back, like their 70's outfits.


Jimmy does a lovely version of 'Rainin'. In 2nd half when Wayne was telling jokes, we requested he do his Rindecella (Cinderella) story, where he mixes up the words, and he did it for us.


They close the show with 'He Aint Heavy', and of course we gave them a standing ovation.



After the show as we were in the lobby, Jay came out to get one of his books, then Jimmy joined him. They both had changed into their favourite Hawaiian style short sleeved shirts. This was a great opportunity to have pics with them both, and more autographs.


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October 11, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.


Very early start today with 2 flights to get us to Branson.
Branson airport is fairly new and very rustic, country style, not your usual airport at all.




As we arrived there were 2 stretch limos to take us to our hotel, and they gave us a short sightseeing trip of Branson on the way. hotel.
We were given cookies and drinks on our arrival at hotel.


Jimmy was on local TV from 4 - 5 pm on Ozark Local Live, as co presenter in a magazine type programme.
Some of us had a quick swim, then it was time to get ready for the show with the Osmond Brothers, only Wayne, Jay and Jimmy are here at the moment.
A few of us went to Ruby Tuesday for a meal, then walked on down to the Caravelle Theatre.
The Caravelle Theatre has a shop selling Osmond Books, CD's, photos.
The Thomas Brothers and a husband, wife and young daughter called The Tinocos also perform with the Osmonds in Branson.



After an intro by The Thomas Brothers, the Osmonds came on with 'We are Family', then came down into audience shaking hands with people.


They recognised a few of our group, and made us feel welcome. They performed 'Cant Get Next to You', and 'Falling in Love', then did 'Old Man Auctioneer'.



The band includes Gene Puckett, Scotty Taylor and Steve Mason, but Bryan Lawson and Gregg Frazier aren't with them now. Scott Taylor also sings a song after the intermission.


They performed 'Mama Dont Allow' with saxaphones, Jimmy played trumpet, and Jay did his drum solo.



Jimmy gets a man up from audience and does a funny version of 'A Little Bit Country' with the man wearing a wig and extra large lips. Jimmy does both voices!
For $25 you can have a posed photo with the Osmonds which is taken at half time interval. Money goes to CMN. We were given a memory stick afterwards, which has 2 Osmonds Publicity pics, plus 2 of us with them. Walgreens next door was handy to get the photos printed off.






Wayne told lots of jokes, some were new ones.
There were 5 coaches outside and the theatre had a large audience. There are 2 screens at either side of stage, which showed video clips of the Osmonds as certain songs were played such as 'Love Me For A Reason'.

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October 10, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.


Monday we headed south to Las Vegas, after a photo stop at the St George Temple.


We went on a Lake Mead cruise, in lovely sunny weather.


The boat went up to The Hoover Dam, which was completed in the 1930's.


On the Lake were lots of boats, and jet skis, also water skiers. It was a peaceful relaxing time in a busy schedule.


There is now a new highway in operation over the Dam, the old route is only for pedestrians now.

Checked in at Flamingo Hotel after photo stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.


After a quick change we were off again to Freemont Street experience, which has a laser light show on the ceiling.


There were also dancing girls in skimpy costumes, and people dressed as Elvis, Batman and other characters.


We drove along The Strip while Vicky, our bus driver and guide for the day, revealed amazing inside information about lots of the buildings there including a little White Wedding Chapel where they do drive through weddings!


Then it was on to a new Hard Rock Cafe near the New New York Hotel.


We had an escorted tour of all the rock memorabilia, which included 3 Osmond costumes.


Donny's had lots of tiny mirrors on it, Merrill's had his black decorations on it.


the 3rd costume had yellow decorations on it, so maybe Wayne's and colours had faded. The sign said they were designed by Bill Belew for Osmonds 1975 tour.

We had a good meal and as it was Hennie's birthday, the crew of the HardRock Cafe surprised her with a lot of noise! and an icecream while we sang Happy Birthday and gave her a card signed by everyone on the tour.



On returning to the Flamingo Hotel, we checked out the gift shop full of Donny and Marie merchandise.




Then it was to bed, but just for a brief sleep as we had to be up ready for a 4.45 am departure from hotel.

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October 9, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.


After all the excitement of Saturday, we had a scenic day Sunday. Hank Isaksen, our host at Entrada came with us on the bus, as our guide.
We went up through canyons of red sandstone to Zion National Park.

Today was sunny and warm, and we watched Osmond DVDs on the way there.




Hank showing Bling-Bling's watch!


We hiked up a trail alongside the Virgin River with towering canyons above us, then it was back to the Lodge for lunch.
We drove futher up the mountain where we went through the Mount Carmel Tunnel, cut into the rock.




We then crossed from Utah into part of Arizona which we knew about as the Arizona road is not paved, so it was a very bumpy ride for about 3 miles, then we got back to paved roads, and into Utah again.

On our return we visited Jepson Canyon Resort in Apple Valley. This is Merrill's and Hank's newest project. Its a 333 acre site which will have a golf course, hotel, spa, Merrill's Shiloh wellness centre, and housing. They hope to start construction soon.

Hank showed us aroung his Entrada resort, where the properties all blend in with the red sandstone landscape. Hank's own home had an extensive collection of crystal from around the world, and arrowheads from the local Anasazi Native Indians.





We returned to Entrada for dinner in the evening.




Tomorrow we are off to Las Vegas.

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October 8, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.


Left hotel to head south to Provo again, pulled up at Osmond Designs Store, where sign outside said, 'Welcome Osmond Bus. Best Fans in the World' with baloons tied to sign.


As we went in, there was Jared and Heather Osmond, with children, Landon and Jocelyn. Virl, Tom, Alan, Suzanne, Doug with his youngest girl, Penny.

Playing on a dvd was Osmonds Concert on Beat Club in Germany, from 1972, to make us feel even more welcome.

The furniture store was amazing with decorations for not only Halloween, but also Christmas trees and seasonal decorations. Heather told us the magazine Utah Valley had come to do a feature on their store, so the Christmas decorations were out early.
Jared's wife Heather designs and makes her own jewellry, whcih was also on sale in the store

Doug doesnt work for Makoa now, he is working with DoTerra oils that Alan and Susanne are promoting, Jonathan has moved back from Washington DC to Utah, Alex gets married this month. Tyler busy with his band Desert Noises.


Dougs youngest girl, Penny has just discovered her nose and kept poking her fingure up it !! Doug is not using Facebook or Twitter now as people are setting up false pages for him and his wife.
Susanne has 20 grandchildren, 10 boys, 10 girls.


Alan is looking really well, and has lost a lot of weight.


Toms son Tommy gets married in November.


Tom and Virl are collaborating on more books on their hearing struggles as children, with info taken from Olives journals.
Alan and Suzanne are called Mimi and Papa by their grandchildren, Michael's children started it off.


Jared talked about plans to visit next Christmas in the UK and The Netherlands in June 2012 bringing his whole family over this time. Landon was anxious to go out to play soccer.


They all mingled with us for 1.5 hrs inside the store, so we got pics and autographs.




It was so nice of them all to come down to see us, they said when they knew a group of fans had come over they wanted to make an effort to see us.

We got to hotel in St George, where weather was a lot warmer, quick change in room, then back on bus to go to Entrada for Jared show.
As we waited on bus, Merrill came out of the lobby with Jenny. He got on bus and went along it greeting everyone, then came back down, chatting individually to everyone.

We got to Entrada resort where we had dinner, as we were sat at our tables, Merrill came around massaging everyones neck and shoulders. he has a divine touch !



Jared Osmond arrived and did a sound check, we were sat near the swimming pool

Merrill explained that he plans to organise and perform at many events, stadium shows and concerts. He will still perform with Brothers on certain dates. Jimmy and he can still do their own things, Jay needs time to sort out his life now, Wayne would be happy to retire.

We then moved to stage area, where Merrill and Jared sat on edge of stage, and encouraged us to move our seats up close.

Merrill wanted everyone to know that he supports the Osmond Mystery Tour wholeheartedly, Jared confirmed his support as well.
Merrill said Jenny and Mario had done a great job organising everything and asked Jenny to revive her facebook, which he will support, to unite all fans. Lots of Osmonds had come to see us yesterday to also show their support and appreciation.


Merrill said the 2nd generation of Osmonds, meaning Jared, David, Nathan, Stephen should get more recognition, they are all very talented.,

Merrill and Jared did a duet to start with of 'How Sweet It Is' then Merrill moved to back of seating area, and Jared carried on with his concert.


Jared did lots of songs from his 2 recent albums, explaining the background and meaning of the lyrics.


He also did a George Michael song, Kissing a Fool, which he said he sang to Heather when they got engaged.


Jared asked Lia Wienneke, from Holland to come up and sing to everyone, she sang a Whitney Houston song very well.


Jared entertained us for 1.5 hours, then we went inside to have a Meet and Greet, Jared had brought lots of CDs, and photos which he autographed. He expalined that all proceeds go to his childrens charity.


Merrill left before show ended, but it was very good of him to come down to see us all.
The concert was illuminated by a full moon, and starlight, so very atmospheric.

Please note that all videos will be properly edited when back in Europe so please bare with us :)



future home of something quite cool ... coming soon on www.merrillosmond.eu

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October 7, 2011

Report by Angela Sweeney

Due to our busy schedule it is not possible for us to put all photos and videos online immediately, so please check back from time to time.

As we got on our bus, the front seat had a sign on it 'Osmond Mystery Guest' !


Once we were all settled in Virl Osmond joined us and sat in front seat. As we set off, Virl walked along bus greeting everyone.
He is still using a walking stick, and explained that he had had a car accident, 2.5 years ago, when a driver ran a red light and hit him broadside on. The side of his head was hurt and effects from accident resulted in a stroke which affected his mobility. Virl was in a wheelchair for 5.5 months, and now needs aid of a stick as he walks.
After stroke he felt bad about it, He thought, 'why yet another challenge in his life, after his hearing loss', but he learned lesson that we all have lots of challenges in our lives, we have learn to cope with them.


He has 7 children and 27 grandchildren, with 1 on the way (Olivia expecting in 3-4 months) He said when his grandchildren come over he switches off his hearing aids, so can enjoy playing with them.

He had a good visit to Guadalihara with brother, Tom and nephew Justin with Starkey Foundation giving out 12000 hearing aids to children. After they came back Bill Austin, the president of Starkey, took him to Minneapolis and fitted him with new hearing aids, which are great. His grandson now says he has bionic ears, as his hearing is so sharp now.

When Virl was a boy, Mother Osmond enrolled him in tap dance school, as with his hearing loss, he couldnt sing with his brothers. Then when Donny won DWTS, Virl reminded him that he had taught the Brothers how to dance years ago.

Virl is writing another book on his and Tom's hearing struggles. He is also working with the Cheyenne Indians, their life expectancy is only 46 yrs, due to high incidence of diabetes, due to poor diets. He has a website called Morningstarproject.com.and sales of his book will benefit the Indians.

Virl then sat with each person on bus and had chat, he wanted to know about our lives and families.


As we came into Malad, Idaho, we pulled into a service area, where David Osmond (Alan's son) was waiting for us with his wife Valerie and their 2 girls, Saffron and Azelea. He was on his way to Rexburg for a show.


They all came on the bus, David sang 'Danny Boy', with his guitar, all 3 verses. David got Saffron to sing, 'The wheels on the bus' with all the actions.!

He talked about the TV programme he is doing, called Showbiz, and said Donny will feature on an episode. David hopes to visit the UK next year.

David then drove off, and we carried on to Samaria where the cabin is.


We stopped at a little store called The Blue Goose, where we met Olive's brothers Tom's wife, Helena Davis.Her daughter Tracey, also suffers with a hearing loss, which is a gene which runs in the Osmond family.
We went to a hall, where a local singer Brian Jepson sang a few songs to us, it seemed like the whole community of Samaria had come out to greet us. Clarence Hughes had written a book about the history of people of Samaria which included Olive Davis ( as she then was) and her ancestors. He read out lots of information to us.

Then it was on to the 2 room cabin, which was restored recently, with period furniture, including a Singer sewing machine, where the Osmond childrens had carved their names on the table.

A girl from Holland (not on tour) had painted a picture of Olive Osmond, which she donated to the cabin. As Virl was shown it, he became very emotional, as it was an excellent likeness of Olive.


The cabin has many pictures and momentos of Olive and her family.


Outside in the garden 9 fruit trees had been planted at the dedication for each of the Osmond children. One had unfortunately died, so our group dug a hole and planted a new one in its place. There were lots of plants, vegetables and pumpkins in the garden, with plaques commemorating the people who had lived there, and a large rock which Olive used to play on, with sign, 'Olive Eternally'
On the bed was a lovely quilt which fans had put together. A video presentation of George and Olive was on one wall, .

Virl said that Marie had not been able to come to original dedication, but she had been there since to visit the cabin.

Then it was back on the bus to go to Ogden. We had an Osmond quiz on the way, and Milly Ebenau and myself were joint winners, so Virl gave us extra questions, and I won. There were lots of prizes of cds, and photos, for the top 6 scores.

Virl talked with pride of his children and their accomplishments.

We got to Ogden and went to Washington Boulevard where the Osmond family had lived for many years, before they moved to California.
Their old home has been torn down and is now a parking lot of a Lowes store. The chapel where they worshipped and Olive taught in the womens Relief Society, is now a bank. Virl showed us the boys state industrial school near their home where Olive was always afraid boys might escape and hurt her family. The hospital where many of the Osmond family were born has also been torn down, Virl's old high school has also gone. Virl showed us the building where father George had worked as an insurance agent, a realtor and post master, and the children had helped sort parcels and letters.
We saw George's mothers home where George and Olive had their wedding reception, and Olive's parents home, with next door the home of Lillian Thatcher who first taught the boys to play piano. There was the first home George had ever built, There was also a park where the 4 original Osmond Brothers had perfomed, and an Ice Cream Parlour where they used to have 5 cent ice creams as children. The tall office block where George worked selling radio advertisements is still there. George was so successfull at that job they fired him as he was making more money than the station boss.

Virl relived many old memories as we drove around the town. He expressed his love for his wife Chris and said they celebrate their wedding anniversary not just once a year, but on the 21st of each month.

We returned to our West Valley City Hotel, and said goodbye to Virl.


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